Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kissing Frogs

Today we’re looking at several houses. We’ve prescreened lots of houses on the net and have found some we want to take a look at up close. I’d like to say that I am excited but I know that buying a house is a lot like dating. You have to kiss a whole lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.

We drove around on Sunday and checked out several we thought looked great from the pictures and descriptions online. One that had remained near the top of our list every time we had looked online fell completely off the list about 5 seconds after we got out of the car.

You see, we’ve been burned before when we bought a brand new home only to learn later that the neighbors had scored records---130 pages of police reports and criminal charges. We found this out after we discovered they were using drugs in our woods. We talked to the adults in the home and it went from bad to an absolute nightmare. We were cussed out, shot at, threatened and stalked. We ended up getting a restraining order from the courts and quickly sold our brand new dream home at a significant loss. We were very grateful to have sold it at all.

This past Sunday, when we were checking out this fantastic looking house with a screened in pool and hot tub my kids adored we noticed the neighbor behind the property was carrying around a gun. We knew immediately, this home was not for us. Our other clue was a bit of yellow crime scene tape that was left behind there. We didn’t even stop to imagine what had happened. We just scratched that one off the list and left.

We’re really not too picky. We just want a safe home that is big enough to fit our needs. So, please keep us in your prayers. We could use them. We really don’t like kissing frogs.

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Anonymous said...

when looking for our home... we wanted a quiet neighborhood. We found a house we liked and I packed a book, and a lunch and sat out by the house for 3 hours (2 seperate times) to see how quiet the neighborhood was. I made notes of when the city bus went by and when kids got out of the school nearby and watched people. We checked out a few places like that. Worked for us. Good luck!!