Saturday, March 22, 2008

Homeschooling and Other Nevers

You know how they say, “Never say never.” Well, here’s another one for me. “I would never homeschool my kids.” Yep, I said that. I have a BA and an MS in Education. I know how difficult teaching really is and how complicated it all can be. Designing a curriculum is definitely not an easy task. Meeting every standard is also a daunting thought. So, yes, I would never homeschool – in a perfect world.

My world is not perfect though. While my husband is gainfully employed and we are not out on the street, we are currently homeless. We are staying at a decent motel but I’d rather not have to put my kids in public school near here only to pull them out again in a month or two just to repeat the process when we close on a house. Kids deserve more consistency than that. And the Catholic schools I’ve checked out here all have waiting lists. So, I am homeschooling.

Our kids’ teachers gave us some materials before we left Battle Creek. That has been VERY helpful. I’m also throwing in things as we go along too. Also, after I get our pc into the hotel room and set up, we’ll be doing an online curriculum too. As you can see, we’re just getting started. I’m sure we’ll grow to enjoy it as we get the hang of it. I just need to learn to “never say never.”

You’d think I’d have learned already. Here’s a list of “nevers” that I have actually done:
*”I’d never be a teacher.”
*”I’d never teach elementary school.”
*”I’d never teach in a Catholic school.” (I not only did it. It was the BEST job I ever had.)
*”I’d never get married and have kids.”
*”I’d never get married in the Catholic Church.”
*”I’d never be a stay at home mom.”
*”I’d never go back to work after being a stay at home mom.”
*”I’d never move away from my family.” (I’ve done that twice now.)
*”I’d never sell my designs.” (Michelle can verify that one. LOL!)

Now, if only it would work for me if I said:
*”I’ll never be as gorgeous and thin as a supermodel.”
*”I’ll never be rich.”
*”I’ll never have all my wishes and dreams come true.”


Anonymous said...

OMG ---too funny!!! But hey, if you ever figure how to get some of those nevers to happen...I am interested!!!


P.S. I am glad you arrived safely! happy house hunting.

Paperthreads said...

another one to add to your never list:
"I'll never find a way to add minutes to a day"

then, when you break the never rule, you'd not only look younger, but find time to exercise and be skinnier, and more importantly, bottle up the formula for adding time to a day and get rich...then all your nevers would definitely come true!!