Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Day

Phew! This shortened week has been packed!!!  Yet, the great news is that we are starting to settle in to a routine and smooth out all the wrinkles.

School started for us on Tuesday.  Of course, I have to share our the kids' first day picture.  They've grown so much.  See:

This is our daughter's middle year of middle school and our son's first year of high school and college too.  Yikes!  He's in a dual enrollment program where he gets to take college classes at his magnet high school so when he graduates from high school he'll also have his associates degree--for free.  Can't beat that with a stick!  LOL!

We are still working out all the kinks with transportation before and after school but things seem to be coming together.  Yay!  Except we get to repeat this week with another first day of school next week.  Want to guess for whom?

Until then, may your creative time be filled with peaceful bliss!

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