Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Discovery

We took a little vacation to South Carolina.  It was fun and pretty and a much needed break.

While we were there, we discovered that our son's allergy is more extensive than we thought.  We knew he was allergic to cats--in particular, cats who aren't on the cleaner side. 

As it turns out, he's also allergic to tigers.  See:

We each got to hold and pet this baby and a bigger one that covered their three laps as well.  It was soft and gentle and now the kids want a new pet--even with Bryce's allergy. 

So, if you could have any pet, what would it be?

Until next time, may your creative time be itch-free and filled with fun.


Renae said...

I am jealous you got to pet a tiger. I am a total cat lover. Hopefully Bryce recovered quickly.

Caroline said...

Great pic, even if he did turn out to be allergic!