Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Big Days Ahead

It's a busy time around our house right now.  We have two very big days in 4 days time.

Saturday is Confirmation.  We've been teaching the class all year long and the big day is Saturday.  You know I'll have pictures of that!

Then, Tuesday is our son's Court of Honor for Eagle.  While he actually earned the rank of Eagle Scout back in October, he has not been able to wear the patch because that is not allowed until the ceremony.

Here is one of the things I've been working on for that:

And this is the cutter file that goes along with it:

These make two sided picks that slip very nicely into helium balloon weights from the dollar store.  Voila!  14 centerpieces for the tables and two more for the podium.

As soon as I can catch my breath, the file will be up to the store.

Until then, may your creative time be filled with bliss.

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