Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Better

We have great news!  Our son Bryce gets to come home today.  Yay!!!

We've also learned a lot this week.  Here are a few of our lessons:
  • ALWAYS take a sweater, sweatshirt or, better yet, a complete snow suit with hat, scarf and gloves because a hospital is freezing all the time.
  • Yes, hospital food really is as bad as everyone says it is.  I don't know how it is possible but they even ruined oatmeal!
  • Everything takes ten times longer to accomplish than you think it should.  And we thought the military was all about "Hurry up and wait."
  • Oh, and yes, sleep is virtually impossible in a hospital for a myriad of reasons. How do they expect anyone to get better if you can't sleep?
I'm sure I could add more but I've got a mountain of laundry to conquer.

Until next time, may your creative bliss be warm and peaceful.


Caroline said...

so happy to read that Bryce is coming home. Hope he continues to improve :)

Esther W-B said...

I'm so glad to hear that Bryce is feeling better!

Renae said...

So glad he is able to go home and recuperate more comfortable.

HeatherK said...

Wow what a relief, so glad to hear the good news.

Deb C said...

So sorry to hear Bryce has been ill - so happy he is coming home
you are right hospitals are cold the food is horrid and sleep very difficult

will keep you in my thoughts
and hope he is better soon

kathy serrahn said...

so glad to hear, he'll get better rest at home.
thoughts and prayers to you and family that he continues to improve

bzyPTmom said...

Great news! Hope his recovery continues at home--where he can sleep well, eat well and enjoy his loving family!