Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Time

Yes, it's time.  If you haven't read my good friend, Chris' post here.  Please do so before continuing to read this post.  I'll wait right here for you to come back.
I've seen this coming for a long time now.  I never got into selling my files expecting to make a living at it.  I did it because it was fun and the little bit of spending money was also fun.  Yet, striving to create the best quality files with the easiest directions too has proven to be very time intensive. 

And now, I have not yet decided what I will do from here.  I'm keeping my options open and doing a little research here and there but, at this point, I cannot definitively say whether or not my files will continue to be available.

In the meanwhile, though, how about one more Sketch Challenge?

I've already used this file and I can't wait to share my layout.  I'm even thinking of doing another one but I'm thinking I'll use different colored papers for the yellow (or light blue) rectangles.  What do you think?

Anyway, you can download the free August Sketch Challenge here.

I cannot wait to see what you create!

Happy Creative Time!


Anna said...

My heart is hurting reading this. I do try to keep up with Chris' forum. I went to Paperthreads the other day and couldn't believe I couldn't file any files there. Now Chris. I am so sad. I hope to keep in touch with everyone on blogs or Facebook. Thanks for all you all have done.

Caroline said...

So sad! can't believe how many times I have written this today :(

Thank goodness for Facebook! At least I will still be able to catch up with you all there. I hope Chris also manages to get some sort of Forum going as well. Great files Ileana, I will miss them!

Karen Sue said...

I'm so sorry to see you go, I hope you manage to keep your files going some way, I will always treasure the ones I have,

2KutiesGrandma said...

I do hope you will continue to write your blog!