Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Fun

Our daughter's birthday is this week and she wanted to go horseback riding with two of her best friends--one of those also happens to be her brother.  Here's a picture of them with their guide:

And the birthday girl:

Pretty cool.  Don't you think?  Ilaria's friend had never ridden a horse before and it had been a long time since our kids have done that too.

For bearing with me to this point, I'm hosting a "trivia" contest and I'm even going to make it easy by making it multiple choice.

Was our naturally goofy son, Bryce:
  1. Trying to do the vertical splits on the horse? (Yes, he is that flexible and can do the splits up against the wall.)
  2. Trying to get on the horse?
  3. Trying to get off the horse?
  4. Just being goofy and trying to make the workers laugh?
Comment here with your guess and I'll host a drawing for a free file.

Until next time, may your creative time be filled with bliss.


Renae said...

Tell your daughter happy birthday!

I think he was trying to get off the horse.

kathy serrahn said...

trying to get on the horse

Happy Birthday to your daughter

scrapn said...

He is trying to get on the horse via a VERY hard way. He should have put his foot in the stirrup & hoisted himself over. That is the proper way to mount a horse.