Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Fun

It's a really great week in our home!  Besides the blessing that the hubby gets to stay home, there are three more amazing things happening here tomorrow--a date day with my wonderful hubby and two surprises by my kiddos.  I'll share pictures next week; I promise!

To make this week even more sweet, I also just added a new file to the store and it really does move! 

Here's my completed project:

and here it has grown:

Yep, it is a "Kinetic Flower Pot" and that tag will not come out nor fall out of the flower pot. 

You can make it as shown, arrange the flowers however you would like--including making it a two-sided, 5" x 7" card--or use your own flowers to "plant" in the pot.  There's even a label for an added sentiment or title on the front.

How cool is that? 

"Kinetic Flower Pot" is available here.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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Esther W-B said...

That is REALLY COOL! I love it.