Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hunt Like A Girl, Bring Home The Bacon

Except for a few months around kindergarten, our daughter has never been a girly girl.  A few months ago she took her sense of adventure to a whole new and yummy level.  Yes, she went hunting with her dad and brought home the bacon.

They went with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission's youth hunting program.  The rules of the program state that ONLY the kids can hunt and they must be accompanied by an adult.  They stress safe hunting techniques and make sure the kids have fun even if they do not get anything.

Let me tell you, neither my husband nor I have ever hunted before.  Technically, we still haven't.  Yet, it's a good feeling just knowing our daughter will be able to take care of herself and feed her family no matter what.

So, these two files are for Ilaria:

Hunt Like A Girl is available here.

Bring Home The Bacon is available here.
 and they come with extra options for the titles:

Until next time, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss!

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