Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Do You Think?

I know many of you LOVE shaped cards.  I do too, but I am particular about them and wanted to know your opinions.

First, my biggest pet peeve about shaped cards is that the fold line has to be a part of the design or it must be hidden.  For example, if I'm making a beach ball shaped card, the ball has to be completely round and not have a flat side from the fold.  I'd rather hide that fold under a top layer.  Are you with me on this or does it not matter to you?

So, here's my scrappy poll question:  Would you rather have a shaped card that is the same shape on the front and the back or would you like to have the front of the card be shaped while the card itself is square or rectangular and still be well hidden behind the shape?

Also, what are your pet peeves when it comes to your paper crafting?

Thanks, in advance, for your input!

Until next time, may your creative time be hassle free.


bzyPTmom said...

You ask some hard questions lady! I do like shaped cards, I understand what you mean about having the fold. I like the idea of having a square background, but for some things, it should be the same shape as the front, depends on the shape. The most important? That it be super simple to assemble, not involve lots of small, tiny pieces or so many crazy folds that one needs to be an expert in origami or have an engineering degree to get it together. I hope this helps!

Pattyb said...

I like shaped cards to be the same on the front and on the back.....
just my opinion. But, having said that, anything you make turns out great!

Esther W-B said...

I love shaped cards! I think if the shape already has a flat edge, then the front and back should be the same. If it doesn't have a flat edge then it would be nice to have a square or rectangular back.