Friday, March 22, 2013

Get Creative

Can you believe we are more than halfway through March?  Eeek!  That means it is time to get creative.  I need to get busy and make my hubby's anniversary card and you need to get busy on your March Sketch Challenge too.!  I hope to show you my card and I definitely can't wait to see what you make too.

I've also been very busy on the next two Journalers files.  I'm excited about these because they are just so useful and so easy too.

No, Graph Journalers is not really a print and cut.  Yes, you print the included jpg to make whatever colored graph paper you want but there is no need for registration marks!  Just take your printed cardstock to your cutter, cut the journaler card base just like you would any other file.  Next, cut your desired topper.  Then embellish and journal.  How cool is that?

Make sure you come back next week to see more exciting, new fun things!

Until then, may your week-end be filled with wonderful creative bliss.


TonyaKaye said...

Very clever idea!

Caroline said...

great idea! thanks for answering my question :)

Karee Sue said...

very cool, I can see alot of projects these will complete.