Monday, March 18, 2013

A What?

Phew!  I hate to admit it but Spring Break was cruel.  It was too short and now summer seems too far off.  LOL!

Seriously though, we had a blast.  We stayed close to home--we do live in Florida after all--and packed in a lot of fun activities.  I even have pictures to share.

Here's one of our not-so-girly girl:

Can you tell what she wants for her birthday?

We are so proud of her and her desire to learn not only survival techniques but how to provide for herself and her family.  Sshhh! Don't tell her brother this, but she's actually better at hunting than he is.

Way to go, Ilaria!

And, even though I was playing with the kiddos most of last week, I did get some creative time in for you too.  So, stay tuned for some fun new things to show up here!

Until then, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss.

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