Monday, February 11, 2013

Take Two

I got a bit of time to sneak in some scrapping this week-end.  Here's my second go at the February Sketch Challenge:

I wanted to use a peacock feather but I don't have one and there was no time to run to the store.  So, a digi layout it is.  Maybe I'll pick up a feather the next time I get to go shopping and do a paper layout for it.

How's your sketch project coming?  I can't wait to see it.

And, just as a heads up, I will be hit and miss this week.  My to do list is already longer than this week can hold.  I will get through it.  I will get it all done.  How's that for positive thinking?

May your week be blessed with some wonderful creative bliss.


Esther W-B said...

Beautiful layout and beautiful girl! I love the colors and the matching peacock feathers.

scrapn said...

Your layout turned out beautiful!

TonyaKaye said...

Oh I love you "digi". Peacock feathers look great!