Monday, November 12, 2012

Lady Liberty & a Spinning Snowflake Card

My heart is filled with pride today and just a touch of sadness.  I am proud of all our veterans and I'm also proud of our Lady Liberty:

This is our daughter's last year in the club for military children at her school.  Each year they put on a play for Veteran's Day.  Next year, Ilaria will be headed to middle school where they do not put on a program.  (Sigh.  She's growing up so quickly.)

Yet, I have other exciting things for you today.

I have another brand new file in the store and it's spinningly cool.  See:

Here's the card in action:

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The snowflake really spins and it's faster than appears in the video too.  How cool is that?

You can find the file here.

Until next time, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss.


Elizabeth said...

wow she is growing up so quickly. Love the new card, headed off to go and get it :)

Karee Sue said...

What a cool card, love snowflakes, You have such a pretty daughter,

Esther W-B said...

iiCool design, and I love your video too. It's nice to hear your voice.

Renae said...

I remember having the role of the Statue of Liberty when I was in elementary school. Such fond memories. Our middle school invites vetrans in to share with the students. But sadly, the teacher the coordinates this is retiring, so it may not continue either. Hopefully another teacher will pick it up, but I won't know as mine is moving on to HS next year.

Your card is neat too! Love action cards!

Pam S said...

Love the snowflake card!

Tonya said...

Yes they do grow up way to fast most days.