Thursday, November 29, 2012

A2 Quilt Stars

In the midst of all our crazy happenings here, I got to squeeze in some fun creative bliss.  Yay!

Do you want to see it?  Good, because here it is:

A2 Quilt Stars

While the stars have 6 points, the multicolored "petals" are only made up of 3 pieces with the stars and circles on top being made of one piece each.  Now, that makes for one quick card.

To make it even sweeter, these can be used for any occasion from baby to Christmas to just thinking of you.  Plus, the additional quilt stars can be used on other projects or for added dimension on the card fronts.  How cool is that?

I hope to put the finishing touches on this file very soon.

Until then, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss. 


Renae said...

Reminds me of my grandmothers quilts. Nice job!

Kelly S said...

Very nice!

TonyaKaye said...

I love the quilt look. Very pretty.