Thursday, September 27, 2012

Glass Hummingbird

Last week, I promised you pictures of something I was trying out in my creative studio.

Well, here's the front:

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and here's the back:

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of this file:

Glass Hummingbird is available here.

I made this sun catcher/ornament using two scraps--one scrap of black card stock and one snippet of vellum.

I wanted a translucent look that was as close to real stained glass as I could get.  I also wanted it to sparkle.  So, to get the swirly, slightly speckled look of glass, I used alcohol markers and metallic cream chalks for the sparkly sheen.  The colors from the alcohol markers show very well through both sides.  So, to make sure both sides sparkle, I lightly applied the cream chalks to the back as well.

The vellum I colored was then sandwiched along with a piece of invisible thread (fishing line would also work) in between the two overlays I cut from the black card stock.

Now, I have a quick and easy gift that can be hung on a Christmas tree or in a window.  This one will be on it's way to a nursing home soon.  It's perfect for mailing and won't break if someone would drop it.

Until next time, may you enjoy some amazing creative bliss.


kathy serrahn said...

awesome project, neat technique and idea

sharonscraps said...


Esther W-B said...

Wow - that's gorgeous!

bzyPTmom said...

Gorgeous--what a great idea!

Renae said...

This came out really nice. I am trying to do something similar right not to simulate a stain glass church window.

Kelly S said...

Looks awesome, Ileana! What a sweet gift idea.

hrk_md said...

Your hummingbird is beautiful, it will certainly brighten up someones window. Thanks for sharing