Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Outstanding Team

Phew!  I think we have all recovered from Bryce's adventures in the Space Academy and our long drive up there and back. 

It was a humbling experience to see so many bright and eager young people. 

Here is a group shot of Bryce's team, Team Metcalf:
Bryce is in the back row, third from the left.

Each of the kids in this picture got to attend Space Camp on a scholarship and each is the child of US Air Force personnel.  Is it any wonder that the camp counselors were fighting over the privilege of leading this group of kids?  They even won the Outstanding Team Award:

We're proud of each of them!  Bryce has been texting the kids from his team since we got back home.  I think they just may be friends for life.

The graduation was fun to watch and each kid received their wings from Robert "Hoot" Gibson, US Veteran and Astronaut. 

Bryce is certainly grateful for the opportunity to go.  He met some great people, had fun, learned a lot and, I think he might have even grown an inch or two while he was there.  LOL!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Kathy Serrahn said...

he will have memories for a lifetime

TonyaKaye said...

What an exciting time and memories for Bryce.