Friday, July 20, 2012

Date Night

We all can use a little bit of special time now and then, whether it's with our spouse or some quality time with one of our kids or even some creative bliss with our paper and glue!  So, for this week's free file I give you:

While this file is offered freely here, it is still governed by my Terms of Use.  Thank you so much for recommending my blog to your friends rather than sharing the file itself.  I appreciate it.

Yes, this file is currently hosted at the Visual Designs by Chris Forum.  It's a way I can streamline my computer time and offer you a free file without strings, ads, spam, or icky viruses.  Yes, you need to join the Forum to download the file, but it's free and will give you lots more access to more fun and other free files too.  If you haven't joined yet, it may take a bit for your membership to go through, but it is free and well worth the time it takes.  I promise!

The password is iagreetoISDtou and the link is here.  This link will expire on Sunday.  After that, the file will be on its way to the I Scrap Designs store at VDBC.

Sorry, this link has expired.  Please look for this and other fun files in the I Scrap Designs store at VDBC.

Thank you so much for your comments.  I treasure each one and, because of that, I frequently host random drawings for more free files.  So, make sure you come back to visit me again.  Who knows?  You just might be a winner.

Now, I am off to schedule a few date nights myself.  Hmm.  The hubby first?  Or with my paper stash?

May you enjoy some creative bliss yourself!


TonyaKaye said...

thank you for the file.

Lisa said...

Cute file. Thanks so much for always thinking of others!