Monday, July 9, 2012

Camping on the Beach

Wow!  We had the best mini-vacation ever--with one exception.  We went to Sebastian Inlet on the Atlantic side of FL and it was absolutely fabulous.

Here are our kiddos at the campsite. 

That's the tent the kids sleep in; ours wasn't set up yet.

And our boy scout, Bryce, was very honored to be allowed to build our campfire.

That night, we battled noseeums and I lost.  Here's the back of my knee:

The rest of my arms and legs are similarly covered.  It's funny; every place I was careful to cover multiple times with insect repellant is speckled with these bites.  Yet, my face and neck only have one small bite and I never applied insect repellant there.  Go figure!  I went to the doctor today and told him my family uses me as their insect repellant since I get all the bites and they get few to none.   He laughed and sent me on my way with shots and prescriptions so I'll be fine soon.  At least I hope so, the itching is driving me nuts.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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Anna said...

Glad all had a great time but sorry about the bites :( That is one reason I am a house person...I hate bugs LOL