Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Humminbird Card Part II

It's confession time.

I like short cuts.  They can be speedy, efficient, and fun too.  I also enjoy coloring.  Sometimes I use colored pencils and/or markers.  Sometimes, I even use chalks.  I also love things that sparkle.  So, sparkly chalk is one of my favorites. 

My biggest confession for today, though, is that I rarely cut my projects out of colored papers--especially while I am test cutting.  Yep, more often than not, my go-to paper is plain, old, ordinary white cardstock.

Now, put that all together and this is how I began my Hummingbird Card:

Two of my favorite tools are a really good, pointy tweezers and a dental pick.  Yep, one those tools of torture your dentist uses on your teeth.  I can honestly attest to the fact that my dental pick has never been in anyone's mouth.  I got this one at Walmart but I have many others that come from the dollar store.  My dental pick gets lots of use--from untangling necklaces to my creative projects.

For this project, I also used my Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks (both the pastels and the jewel tones) and a plain Versamark Ink Pad.  The chalk has great tooth but I wanted a very deep, rich color without having to use a fixative to seal the chalk.  Hey, I did say I like short cuts!  LOL!

So, I put my pieces face down on my Versamark pad and smooshed them into the pad with my dental pick.

I then used my tweezers to pick up the pieces and lay them face up on my scrap piece of paper.  Then, I used my dental pick again to hold the small pieces down and then applied my chalk, beginning with the lightest colors and shading in with the darker colors.

Here are the pieces in their pearlescent glory:

The picture really doesn't pick up the sparkly sheen but it is beautiful.

Then, I adhered the pieces to the back of the overlay and used an Atyou Spica with clear ink to add a touch more sparkle to the flowers on my background paper. 

Originally, I used an embossing folder to give some texture to the rectangle liner.  I even added some more pearlescent chalk for some added sparkle.

Then, when I stacked up the pieces, I decided against using the liner.  LOL!

I even decided against using the liner for the sentiment and just wrote in "Thanks."

There you have it:  my quick and easy-peasy process to making the Hummingbird Card.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Deb C said...

Thanks for showing us how you made it
I will cut a couple more and hand colour them - so much better
I cut two last night and made them with coloured stock (actually end pieces) they are nice but lacked the shading so will do more on the weekend
The file cuts like a dream
Thank you for you beautiful file

TonyaKaye said...

WOW! That card is wonderful. Good job!

cal8007 said...

Thanks for the step-by-step!! Love the plain one better too! TFS

Carmen L

Esther W-B said...

Thanks for the great tips! I especially like the one about using Versamark - never thought to do that.

Caroline said...

gorgeous card! I like both versions, with and without liner :)