Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanks But No Thanks

Okay, which one of you decided to share your cold weather with me? 

Seriously, I thank you very much for thinking of me, but where's the gift receipt?  This, like that clown in the commercial, just has to go.  LOL!

For us, it has been seriously cold--as in literally freezing.  I know I have a true Floridian's blood now and 28 degrees F. is not that cold in the scope of things, but around these parts, that is BAD. 

It's so bad that the shelters have opened for the homeless.  You see, normally, they do not have a shelter they can go to overnight.

It's also so bad that the zookeepers here were worried about their penguins.  LOL!  That sounds ridiculous but the penguins they were worried about were from South Africa.  Even though it can snow there, these penguins aren't used to it so they brought out the heat lamps for them.

Seriously, though, for all of you who are in cold country right now, you have my deepest sympathy and concern.  I hope you are staying warm.  For those of you in a warmer neck of the woods, when may I come visit?

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Anna said...

I wanna come and visit you...We know that 28 degrees won't be there for long but here where I am (WV) sometime 28* is warm. LOLOL but thank Goodness not that often. I am already so ready for spring. :)

TonyaKaye said...

Oh wow.. I am enjoying 65 today in Missouri. Of course the bottom is suppose to fall out tomorrow! So you must be sending your weather back this way. And I was just thinking this temp would make a nice winter this year .. providing a little rain ever so often!

archivedmemories said...

Well, I'm in South dakota where the high temp would normally be about 20F but today it is a balmy 64F! We are loving it!

Renae said...

You missed your chance to visit. We were in the sixties today but will drop to low forties tomorrow.


Just Don't Over Think It! said...

It's funny how we complained over Christmas that it was 82 here in S. Florida and then we get the cold we are so over it already! The worst part is that once our block homes get cold inside, the chill stays! It is colder inside my house than it is outside!! I think a steady temperature of the 60's would be nice for the remainder of the winter! Let's put in our order! LOL