Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

In honor of our veterans and our fine men and women in uniform, our daughter's school put on a lovely production. 

The entire school spent all week learning about the different US war memorials and the sacrifices our troops have made throughout our history.  Then, all the military children in the school put on a play about the memorials.

Here are a few of them reenacting the Iwo Jima Memorial:

And the younger ones as the Korean War Veterans Memorial:

Here is our daughter, Ilaria, at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial:

And here's a picture of her at the end of the production.

The school then went on to thank all the veterans by having the children take them some flowers.  I am so happy that our daughter's school takes the time to teach this. 

I hope you get the opportunity to thank a veteran or service member soon.  I know it makes their day in a huge way!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Barbara said...

I'm so glad the school does this, too! I only wish all schools did. Children need to learn about our troops early in life, and to honor them.

A huge thank you to your husband from my family, and to you for supporting his efforts. I salute you both!

Renae said...

Oh I miss the Vetran's Day program that the local elementary school put on while my kids attended. I hope they still do too! Thanks for bringing back a fond memory.

Anna said...

Love reading this. And your daughter is just beautiful!!!

Caroline said...

what a wonderful idea... and a way to celebrate our Freedom and those who fight to keep it. Thanks to you and your family!