Monday, November 7, 2011

A Conspiracy at the Amusement Park

Either it is a conspiracy on my hubby's part or just my luck, but Hobby Lobby and I have not had the greatest relationship.  I think it's my hubby's fault.  LOL!

You see, I lived in Arizona for 11 years.  Right after we moved from Arizona to Michigan, Hobby Lobby opened in our hometown in Arizona.  Then, we lived in Michigan for 5 years.  Hobby Lobby opened in town and, yep, you guessed it again--we moved to Florida.

Up until last week, the closest Hobby Lobby was about 100 miles away.  Last week, one finally opened 32 miles from my home.  Yay!  I'd be even happier if it were much closer but at least it doesn't take a whole day to go to there.

I was so excited to get to go shopping at Hobby Lobby again.  I checked out the ad and printed my coupons days in advance.  I even let the hubby pick the place we would go out for lunch.  Yep!  I know how to plan a date day with my hubby.  LOL!

Now, our son heard me talking about our little trip.  He started laughing and asked my hubby "Just how can she make a trip to Hobby Lobby sound like a trip to an amusement park?" 

Hey, I said I was excited!!!

Now, back to the conspiracy theory.  Even though it's the hubby who makes us move all the time and deprives me of Hobby Lobby, guess who spent more money there.  Yep, the hubby!  LOL!

All I know, is that I am not moving any time soon--whether the hubby likes it or not!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Caroline said...

I hope you had fun!

momof5 said...

Oh how I wish I lived close to a Hobby Lobby, but I don't. You are just plain LUCKY! All I have is a Michael's and a JoAnn's and you know it is sad when I go into either one and can't find a darn thing to spend my $$ on. LOL
We don't even have a LSS here -- though I sure wish we did.

Anna said...

LOL I'm so glad that one has finally found you ;o) There are 2 but both are at least 1.5 to 2 hours drive from me so I think I've been in a HL once. LOL Enjoy your new store...:)