Saturday, October 1, 2011

World Cardmaking Day

In honor of  World Card Making Day, I'm posting some of my favorite cards I've made.  Honestly, it was very hard to choose just 10.  Yet, for you, I agonized over it and chose these:

(Click on the picture to see "So Old" in the store.)

"So Old" is among my favorites because I made it for a good friend of mine.  We met on the first day of first grade and have been friends ever since.

And along those lines is another one of my favorites:
(Click on the picture to see "Oldometer" in the store.)
"Oldometer" is just funny and, well, there's this long-running joke between my husband and a friend of his.

Here's another birthday card.
(Click on the picture to see "Birthday Confetti" in the store.)
"Birthday Confetti" ranks among my favorites because it is so easy to make and it just looks like fun.

And I like this one
(Click on the picture to see "Lacey Star Card" in the store.)
because it can be used for a birthday but my vision was to use it to thank our Veterans and well, they deserve all our thanks and so much more.

I also like this card
(Click on the picture to see "Notched Glass Card Front" in the store.)

because it can fit so many occasions.  With this file, I used a different color scheme to make a Father's Day card for my hubby.

This one is not only cute, it's fun.
("Straighten Out" will be in the store soon.)
And, I like it because it will help to cheer up someone and we all could use a little more of that now and then.

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  So, it's really hard to choose my favorite Christmas cards.

This is one of may favorites because it has a special place in my heart.
(Click on the picture to see "Ornery Stinker" in the store.)
It's one of my early files and I still use it every once in a while.  It just makes me laugh.

And this was my first long card:
(Click on the picture to see "Long Christmas Card" in the store.)
I love the impact of these long cards and I've sent several of each version.

This one is fun and easy too.
(Click on the picture to see "Snowman Card" in the store.)

I like how easy it is to make and how much fun it is to receive.

And for another fun shaped card, I love this one
(Click on the picture to see "Happy Halloween Card" in the store.)
because it's very unusual to have a spider web shaped card and the pieces can be used separately too.

Now, for more fun, please visit my other friends to see what goodies they are showing off today.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Anna said...

I can understand how you would have a hard time picking. I wouldn't even try to do that. Love them all :)

TonyaKaye said...

Of course I love all of your work. I could not even start to pick out a fav.