Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Congratulations to Dev who guessed correctly and to:

for winning the random drawing.  Please e-mail me at ijr41ug @ or iscrapdesigns @ (please take out the spaces) and I'll get your prize to you asap.

The emblem on the parachute is for US Special Operations Command or SOCOM for short.  They are in charge of all US special forces.  If you would like to see more pictures from their gallery, you can do so here.  Their emblem is a spear because they are the Tip of the Spear.

Now, while they started off my hubby's work picnic, he does not work for USSOCOM.  My hubby works at CENTCOM.  The two commands are on the same base and work closely together, though.

Thank you for playing along with me.

Speaking of play time, there's not a lot of time left to join in on the New 2 U Challenge and the Tic Tac Toe Challenge.  So hop on over to the VDBC Forum and finish up those projects.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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