Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Contest and Another Day

As much as I would like it to be, today is not Friday--not here at least.  So, the big announcement will have to wait just one more day.  Tomorrow, I promise.  So make sure you come and visit me then as I have exciting news to share with you!

Speaking of exciting, how about another contest?  Did you notice the new I Scrap Designs on Facebook button over on the left side of my blog?

Well, I hope you will "like" me because I will be holding a random drawing of everyone who does.  That's right.  Like I Scrap Designs by Sunday and you'll have a chance to win your choice of a free file.

Besides that, you'll get important updates and more fun stuff through my Facebook page.  Best yet, it's easy and free.  So, what are you waiting for?

Oh, I know, my announcement.  Well, you'll hear about that both here and there tomorrow!

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


Anna said...

YES like I Scrap Designs on FB cause I've already won a file...LOVE IT!!! One more day...Well now it is more like a few more hours!!! Then we will know...WooHooo!!! Thank you again so much for the file!!!

Barracudasue said...

I "like" it, I "like" it! ROFLOL Actually, I LOVE your blog! :D

Caroline said...

yes... me likey :)