Monday, August 8, 2011


Okay, I know Murphy has been at work on my computer.  Simple, routine maintenance shouldn't take ALL DAY and then some.  Fortunately, though, all is well now.

So, instead of playing with files, I spent a nice chunk of today doing laundry and organizing my creative space.

Before we moved here, three years ago, I had a small bedroom for a sewing room and another small bedroom that was both my husband's office and my scrap storage room.  Except for my husband's desk and one filing cabinet, I have had to combine everything from those two rooms into one room.

I don't know what's up with me but I have yet to find a system or arrangement that I am fully happy with for this space.  So, what about you and your space?  Are you happy with yours?  What would you like to do differently?  Any tips for me?

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Lisa said...

I'm working through that myself. I now have a finished room to set up as a sewing and crafting room, but it's in a remote section of our basement. Some built in shelves, a small closet, and a bunch of furniture available for my use because it doesn't work in the other rooms anymore. :)
Sewing needs more table space than crafting, at least when cutting out a new garment or big project, but then it can all be put away.
No tips from me today, other than keeping things together that are used together.
Keep us posted!

Michelle said...

I have those storage cubes from Micheal's. I get them when they are on sale or with a coupon.

The are stacked into sections with a long piece of shelving material at the top so it looks like one bit unit. I also use them as table legs so I have everything right where I need it. This makes the table a little higher but it is nice and I am not hunched over all day.

I do have rollers on the bottoms of each section and under the table "legs" so that I can move it around all the time.


Barracudasue said...

OH MY, we don't even want to talk about my space! It's a TOTAL disaster but effective for ME! My DH is scared to go in there for he can't find his way out! ROFLOL I'm the one who needs to get in there and clean and organize but every time I do, I can't find anything! LOL

I need my room to be bigger and that's all there is to it. DH keeps threatening me to build a room in the basement but I'm not sure my basement is big enough for MY stuff! ROFLOL

WILLING to take tips from ANYONE! :)

bzyPTmom said...

I have 2 "spaces" as well--an open loft area for my computer/cutter and paper supplies and my small bedroom "sewing/crafting/stamping" room. When my son moves out in a year from now, I will move all my papercrafts/stamping to his downstairs office.(near the kitchen, laundry room etc) I'm thinking I will visit Ikea and make a central island/craft table--by putting together kitchen cabinets/bookcases and putting a table on top of it. I seem to have lots of "art bins" for storage--it works well so if I'm needing my ribbon-it's all in a case and I can carry it to wherever I'm assembling.

pam said...

My room was organized and worked wonderful----until---I got a laptop and moved my cutters into my room and now it is a total diaster!!!!!!! I have the clear paper trays and have most of my stamps in CD holders. I use rolling Iris drawers under my tables and they work great. It's just since I brought my cutter in, I pull paper out and through it on 1 table and all my embellies get shoved around. It just hasn't worked. What I really need to do is get in there and pull out all the stuff that I "just had to have" and never used. I'd probably have plently of room, if I just did that!

Anna said...

Organized?? Whats that??? LOL If I don't start using what I have and quit buying I don't know what I'm going to do. I have plans to change rooms soon and the room I'm moving to is smaller and will be downstairs and everyone will be able to see it all :O