Thursday, August 18, 2011

Open House #1 and a Layout Too

First, I am going to have to admit that there is a lot of kicking and screaming going on here.  By me.  LOL!

My oldest is starting middle school on Tuesday.  Ahhhh!  I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A KID IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!  Ahhhh!

Phew!  I may not be able to stop it, but I do feel better now.  LOL!

We went to his open house today.  He got his schedule and knows his way around the place.  Let me just say that his middle school is probably bigger than the high school I attended!  Fortunately for him, though, all but two of his classes are pretty close together. 

I know he will do fine.  Of course, he hasn't had the "benefit" of older siblings torturing him all summer long with stories of all the bad things that can happen to kids entering middle school so he's not as nervous as I was many years ago.  LOL!

On a more creative note, I finally got some info from my father-in-law to add to his military album and so, here's another digital layout:

I've had all but the journaling done on this one for months.  I'm not so sure I like it anymore but since it is for a gift and the man isn't getting any younger, it's time to let this one go.

Tomorrow, we have another open house at our daughter's school and, maybe a free file too.  Keep your finger's crossed that everything cooperates for me. 

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


Barracudasue said...

Bryce will be fine...will YOU? ;)

LOVE the gift to your FIL! That is just perfect!

Hope you do better with your daughter! LOL

Have a GREAT weekend, my friend! :)

Lisa said...

I really like it. I think he will be very happy. Time to move on to another page?

Caroline said...

Love your layout!

Anna said...

Awesome layout!!!! Middle school huh?? Blink a couple of times and it will be your grandchild...Presley is in the 10th grade this year...Talk about feeling old LOL