Monday, August 1, 2011

BSA Summer Camp

(Spew Alert:  Please set aside your beverage until after you've finished reading this post.)

Our son had a blast at summer camp.  It was a good thing because he did not want to go.  He thought he'd be sitting around doing nothing for most of the time.  He found out otherwise.  Over the course of the week, he  earned five (5) merit badges, nearly finished two others, and he also earned the BSA Kayaking Award.

One of the partials was Engineering.  They asked the boys if they wanted to do lots of schoolwork like math and science and maybe finish the Engineering Merit Badge or go play with paint and such and earn the Art Merit Badge in one night.  Bryce and 29 other boys jumped at the chance to study Engineering.  It met every night for four nights and they still did not finish it.  At the end, only four boys, including Bryce, were left.  So, you can see my smart boy really loves math and science.  Math is his favorite.

As it turns out though, he's got a lot to learn.

Here's a picture of some of the tents.

As you can see, they are on wooden platforms and the tent just meets the edges of the platform; it is not attached to the platform.

Well, while we were having lunch on Saturday, Bryce told me "Somehow, my cot fell out of the tent.  I woke up outside and the bugs were biting me."  (His cot ended up by the tree near the center of the picture.)

I nearly choked from laughter and had to explain to him that some of the boys had to have carried his cot out of his tent.  They not only pulled a prank on him; he didn't even suspect that they did it.  LOL!  Ah, such innocence!

Happy Creative Time!


Barracudasue said...

ROFLOL Pooooor Bryce! That is just TOO funny and I'm SO glad he enjoyed his time there! That's great that he went for the Engineering Badge! You've got quite a young man there, Ileana! :) Congrats to Bryce on his new badges! :)

Kelly S said...

That is too funny, Ileana. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning. It sounds like your son is quite the young man. Congrats on all of his badges.

Julie said...

What a beautiful, trusting soul! Poor kid must have been exhausted!

Anna said...

Oh how sweet that is...and so funny. Love it. Thanks for the laugh today. Congrats on all the badges and so glad he had fun. And thanks for sharing with us Ileana.

Renae said...

Toooooo Funny! That is exactly the kind of tent my youngest camped in last week for girl scout camp.

tonyakaye said...

Oh my.. he must be a heavy sleeper or a very tired boy! Wow that is a lot of badges. Congrats to him.