Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Congratulations to Kelly S. for correctly guessing our newest critter and to:

for winning the random drawing.  If the two of you lovely ladies could email me at ijr41ug @ yahoo.com (please take out the spaces) with your choice of free file and what format your cutter uses, I'll get your prize out to you asap.

Yes, we are getting a cat.  She's a pretty one, see:

Ilaria can't wait to go pick her up on Friday.  She also refuses to allow anyone to tell her brother about it.  She wants to surprise him when he gets home from camp on Saturday.

I'm a little nervous on how the cat will do with our bunny and how she will treat our dog.  Yep, I'm not worried about how the dog will treat the cat, but the other way around.  Miffy, our dog, is timid around cats.  She loves to sniff them but if they take one step toward her or hiss, she runs in the other direction.  There's one cat in the neighborhood that will chase Miffy when we are on our walk.  I'm not kidding!  The cat isn't vicious; it just thinks it's the boss and Miffy just keeps her distance.  LOL!

Thanks for playing along with me.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Cherbear said...

She is a beautiful kitty!

debenj said...

Beautiful kitty! Our niece had cats and rabbits together and they did play together. If the rabbit saw the cat at the top of the stairs, the rabbit would pounce the cat down the stairs. Rabbit thought the upstairs was his...lol. Enjoy your new family member :)

Barracudasue said...

Congrats to Kelly and Pam for winning one of your files! WTG ladies!

She IS a gorgeous little thing! I'm sure everyone will get along in time when they all get used to each other!

Congrats on your new baby! :)

Kelly S said...

She is a beautiful cat. When I was a kid we had cats and then got a rabbit. The rabbit used to chase the cats around the house. It was so funny that the cats were afraid of the rabbit. I will email you about my free file. Thanks, Ileana!

TonyaKaye said...

Congrats to Ilaria on her new kitty! She is so sweet looking. Growing up we had kitties, dog and a rabbit. The rabbit actually ruled the pets!

bzyPTmom said...

Congrats on your new kitty--she's beautiful!

pam said...

She is beautiful! Don't worry about Miffy,they will do just fine. Most animals in a family feel the connection and can adjust. My cats and dogs bathe each other.