Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Packing It In

Wow!  We are packing it in these next few weeks. 

All this week and next, school children throughout Florida are taking the FCAT.  It's a standardized test that if the kids don't pass, they don't get promoted to the next grade--even if they have straight A's on their report cards.  Needless to say, kids all over the state are all stressed out over it.

We also have extra church activities going on this week and next.  Then, we have company coming into town for spring break.

Because of all of that, I'm trying to work ahead on files and such.  They are coming along but not as quickly as I would like.

I know it will all come together in due time.  I just thought you all deserved a head's up in case I appear lost or on the crazy side.  Oh, and yeah, I know; what's odd about that?  LOL!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Sue aka barracudasue said...

LOL, you're too funny, Ileana!!!

You certainly have a ton on your plate. I have NO idea how you do it all AND have time to create your wonderful files!!!!!!

TRY to relax a little through your busy schedule! You gotta sleep sometime! ;)

TonyaKaye said...

Just take a deep breath ... We are always here for you and oh course we love your freebies .. but understand when "life" comes first. We all have those times and we need them!

Lisa Avolio said...

You never seem crazy to me!
If creating a freebie adds stress, then don't do it! We can wait a couple of weeks, or even- gasp- pay for a file! You have been soooo generous with your files, both in freebies and in sales.
I'll be praying for you and the FL kids taking the tests. Here in MD, it's not as stressful until high school.