Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Layout & An Issue

This past week-end, I did another layout for my father-in-law's album.  See:

I am sure he's going to appreciate the album.  He seems surprised and pleased when we call him to ask for more information.

I also have to confess; I am using digital products I have downloaded from various locations via the internet.  I cannot take full credit for the pages but, someday, I hope to master my software well enough to do so well on my own.

And, now my husband and I have another issue to resolve.  We need to find a good, but affordable child psychologist near our home--for a good reason.  Our son's teachers think we should get him tested for the gifted program in the district.  If he is accepted, he'll graduate high school with half of his college education already finished.

Once again, I am amazed and I simply don't know what to say.

But I do know that I successfully whipped the free file for tomorrow into shape.  Sometimes files cooperate the right way the first time and sometimes they take a little more work.  This was one of those files but I'm betting you'll think it was worth it.  You'll have to stop by tomorrow to see for yourself.

Until then, Happy Creative Time!


Lisa Avolio said...

What a great page! Love the green to make the text stand out.
I think most digi scrappers use others' elements. No shame in that.
Glad you need a Psych. for such a reason!

Sue aka barracudasue said...

WOW, that LO is STUNNING, Ileana!

WOW (again) that's great news about your son! WOW!!!!!!!

Kelly S said...

That's fabulous news about your son. And your layout looks amazing.

Vicki said...

I'm speechless. That LO is amazing. It brings tears to my eyes. I wish I had some good photos from my time in the Army, I'd love to do a little scrapbook from those days! I'm sure your FIL is going to be thrilled. And what a wonderful treasure for future generations. Priceless.

And YAY for the wonderful news about your son!!!

Renae said...

Love the LO! I have not ventured into the digital scrapbook world, and an not sure that I want to.

Good luck on your search and congratulations to you and your son. Doesn't your school have any testing? Ours did to get our daughter enrolled on the honors/AP track.

Thanks for the beautiful egg cutout. It is beautiful. Have a great weekend!!!1