Monday, April 18, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

I hope all is well and safe where you are today.  My heart goes out to everyone who was even remotely affected by this week-end's storms.

We had a very nice week-end here.  We got lots of chores done and Bryce enjoyed his camp out.  Like any first-timer, he came home so filthy I wouldn't even let him sit on my oldest couch.  So he must have had fun.  LOL!

Here's a picture of him we got off the website:
Bryce (in purple)

I hate to admit this to you but we suspect he was eating bugs in this picture.  I'm not kidding. 

You see, before we had children, I taught in an inner-city school in Phoenix.  Quite a few of my students had NEVER been outside of the city limits.  So, a camp out was a huge experience for them.  We did the normal fun things while we were there and we also taught classes.  The most important one was Survival. 

A HUGE portion of Arizona is a desert.  It's not like the Sahara with miles and miles of sand but it can be quite a dangerous place if you are stranded and not prepared.  Part of the class included how to get water and what you could eat to survive.  Each student who volunteered to eat--and I do mean chew and swallow-- a bug got a homework pass.  Unbelievably, it was a wildly popular part of the trip and finding enough bugs for them to munch on was difficult.

Well, Bryce has heard stories about some of the bugs and some of the kids' experiences with their snacks--including one particularly nasty grub.  Now, he likes to freak people out by eating a bug or two on camp outs.  Go figure!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


jzayler said...

I love it! Boys are all the same. Glad he had a good time.

Glitter Fantasies said...

Boys will be boys!! LOL


Anna said...

Hehehe Love it!!!

TonyaKaye said...

Opps he is growing up! Sounds like he enjoyed his camping trip.