Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bathroom Camping

Yep, I was camping out in my bathroom,  but not for the reason you're thinking.  LOL!

On the contrary.   We had some severe storms pass through the area for a large chunk of the day--including two confirmed tornadoes.

So, I did the first thing that any prepared woman would do.  I grabbed the three D's--the Dog, the Droid and the Diet Coke and camped out in the bathroom until the tornado warning passed.  (There are no basements in Florida.  So, in bad weather, we head for interior rooms with no windows.)

I just have to rave right now.  If you ever get the opportunity to get a smart phone like a Droid.  Do it!  I not only had the ability to talk to my husband but I could use the weather applications on my phone to stay aware of the warnings and keep an eye on the weather radar.

Yet, not all weather apps are equal.  One came pre-installed on my phone:  It said it was just misty here when I could hear the rain POURING down--while I was inside the bathroom with the door closed and the radio playing loudly in the kitchen.  (I didn't want to take the time to unplug the radio to bring it with me so I just turned it up.)

Yet, my local news station has a free weather app that does a very good job.  It shows me the radar, gives the 3, 5 and 7 day forecasts as well as hourly forecasts and sends me alerts when there's a tornado on its way to my neck of the woods!  That is priceless.

As for damage, the storm knocked over our trash can and knocked a couple of sticks out of one tree.  Our neighbors lost half a large tree and several others will be picking up branches and basketball hoops.  We were all very fortunate!

Because of the storm, I had shut off the computers in the house and still haven't test cut my file.  Can you tell what is on the top of my to-do list for tonight?  It will be ready for tomorrow, though.  I promise.  In fact, I'm off to cut it right now.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and Happy Creative Time!


Kelly S said...

Glad you are safe and sound. And with your smart phone, at least you weren't too bored camping out in the bathroom. Have fun test cutting! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank God the outcome was a lot better than it could have been and everyone is safe. I'm sure your nerves were rattled for a while.

Sally G

Anna said...

OH WOW how scary. Glad you and yours are OK.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you are safe :) I LOVE my Driod, best phone I have ever had.

Ginger (Games) said...

I know they are scary. Glad your all safe and sound!

Lisa Avolio said...

So relieved to hear you're all OK. And had such a cheerful attitude about the whole thing!
Hubby says he uses 5 weather apps for the same reason.