Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Have Pictures!

We had a busy but fun week-end and I have pictures to prove it.

Honestly, though, my kids would be upset if I shared all the pictures with you.  You see, my oldest is "too cool" for Santa but, yes, I did convince him to sit on Santa's lap!  I doubt that will ever happen again. LOL!

I do have to let you know that this year, Santa was amazingly fantastic!  Yep, he not only wore combat boots but a cammo hat too.  See:

And here's our daughter after she got her face painted.

That was a real treat for her since we don't allow her to wear make-up.  She even wanted to sleep with it on to see if it would still be there the next day.  We can't blame the girl for trying but that was just not happening.  LOL!

Then, on Sunday, I took my Cub Scout to a Byzantine church service.  It was for St. Nicholas' Day and so that he could earn his International Awareness award.  Here's a picture from that:

(I had to blur out the faces because the rules of this pack do not permit posting of pictures of other people's kids).  Isn't the church beautiful?

Now for another trivia contest.  Why do Western churches have statues but Eastern ones only have flat icons or paintings?  Because I have had 3 4 guesses, yet no correct answers, let me rephrase the question.  Why is it that Eastern churches do NOT have statues? Okay, one more try.  Hint:  it has far more to do with location and mother nature rather than style of worship.

The first person with the right answer will win their choice of a free file and all the guesses will go into a random drawing for a free file too.

Happy guessing and Happy Creative Time!


sharonscraps said...

The icons are believed to be mystically present. The prayers go through the icon to the person.

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

I'm sure I'm not the 1st person to respond here...and was having a hard time putting what I knew in to words so I "paraphrased" this answer: (in repards to paintings) "icons are not idols — the prayer passes through the icon to the person represented and so the wood and paint aren’t literally worshipped or adored". (But, statues often are worshipped, adored, or idolized..and yes, these are my own words). Hugs, Rockin Robin C

Sue aka barracudasue said... Here's the link as to why for your trivia contest. I'm sure I'm too late for this but I found it fascinating!

LOVE Santa in combat boots and camo hat! Your daughter is gorgeous and I love the picture of the kids in Church!

Have a great day!

Trisha said...

I think the statue issue has to do with flat icon referencing inner qualities, but statues embodying and encouraging admiration/idolizing the individual represented, possibly leading to worship of that individual over God. Something like that, anyway.

Marilyn said...

Early protestant leaders were austere and considered any sort of display, color, or emotions might ebe encouraged by statues and decided they were out of place in religion.