Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Wow!  What an amazing week this has been and it's only going to get better.  The free file, the challenge I am hosting and time with my family.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Oh, wait a minute.  It does.  Here, it is Veterans' Day.  Not only do we get the wonderful opportunity to honor our Veterans, we get the day off to be together to do it.

And that brings me to yesterday's triple dose of gratitude.  (Sorry, I didn't get to blog about it yesterday.  The computer wasn't cooperating with me!) 

1)  I'm grateful for our kids' school.  I must admit it does a really good job of stewardship in the community and in taking care of their own too.  You see, there's a lot of military families in this area and the guidance counselor has formed a club for the children of service members.  The kids get to do fun and academic activities, make new friends, and support each other through the harder patches too.

2) This club put on a play for Veterans' Day and they did an awesome job.  I'm grateful the kids has the opportunity and that the school is so in tune to the community, so grateful for our Veterans and so willing to show their appreciation.  I'd show you pictures but all you'd see is my daughter's back and half of our son's face.  LOL!  Bryce was FDR and since he gave fireside chats via the radio, Bryce was behind the curtain for the whole thing.  Ilaria, well, she was a customer in the bank and all we saw was her back.  LOL!  She must have been a bit nervous.

3) As I was getting ready to leave, the guidance counselor took me aside and told me that Bryce had won a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Essay Contest.  Wow!  We didn't even know he had entered!  We still don't know what he won or what he wrote.  He says it was "What the American Flag Means to Me" but he can't remember what he wrote.  LOL!  We're so very curious too.  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.  And you think I'm a tease.  This is worse!  LOL!

I hope you enjoy your day and, if you get the chance to shake a veteran's hand today (or any day) please do so.  There's not a whole lot we can do for our troops or our veterans but a simple thank you goes a long way.

Until tomorrow's fun, Happy Creative Time!

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Anna said...

Sounds like so many awesome memories are happening at your house. Congrats to Bryce!!! Can't wait to see what he wrote and won.