Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still Here

I didn't fall off the planet.  Really.  I'm still here.  We've just been very busy.

Last night, I was held up by a couple of my students who needed some extra help.  You see, when you teach English as a Second Language, you aren't just responsible for grammar and vocabulary.  Sometimes, it means helping them navigate a social system that is foreign to them as well.  In other words, it would be really helpful if I were a lawyer and ran a social services agency as well.  (Sigh.)  I can only do what I can and hope it helps.

Then, tonight, we were hard at work at the Webelos den meeting.  The boys are working on their craftsman badge and have to make multiple useful projects.  They made a birdhouse, a key holder and a pencil holder tonight.  It was fun and every boy went home with the same number of fingers that they came with and all of them were still attached.  LOL!  There's three more projects yet to do but it will have to wait for another meeting.  We can only do so much at once.

I've also been very busy putting the finishing touches on some more files for the membership.  I hope to be done with them tomorrow.  I'm sure you will like them.  Now to finish them up!

Until then, Happy Creative Time!

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Sue aka barracudasue said...

Your bookmark card is SO awesome! I love the versatility and uniqueness of it. It AND you, ROCK!

I'm really hating that your membership is coming to an end. I've SO enjoyed your offerings and they are just wonderful! Thank you SO very much for a TERRIFIC quarter!

I'm in a Christmas mood here lately and I'm going to be working on your Ornament Attires here soon. Coming to the Gallery in a few... :)