Monday, August 23, 2010

Back At It & an Election Too

We're back at it already? It's hard for me to believe that school starts tomorrow. It's still hot as all get-out here and school is supposed to start in the fall, right? How can school begin tomorrow? Summer has just whizzed by too fast.

Tomorrow is also Election Day. It's only the primary but I am so tired of negative campaign ads that I am actually very excited. This round of negative ads will be over tomorrow. Yay! (I know more are coming but at least I can celebrate the end of these.)

So, in the spirit of democracy, I'm celebrating by hosting an election of my own right here. That's right, if you are a part of the Quarterly Membership Club you get to vote on which file will be next.

Here are your candidates:
The winner will be in the membership. The other two will be going up to the store. Happy voting!

Happy Creative Time too!

1 comment:

scrapy1 said...

OMG it is too hard to choose! I love them all. The first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful cross, but all the files are beautiful