Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congrats & More Chances to Win

Congratulations to Aimee Berger and Joy from Belize who were the first to respond with the San Xavier Del Bac Mission and the Tohono O'odham (or Papago) people.

Congratulations also go to:for winning the random drawings.

If the four of you gorgeous ladies could e-mail me at ijr41ug @ (please, take out the spaces) with your choice of free file and the format your cutter uses, I'll send out your prize asap.

Now, for round 4, we were still in Arizona. See:It was fun stopping by the capitol buildings. First, it was touching that even Arizona was flying their flags at half-mast for the fallen police officers in Tampa. Second, it's one of my old stomping grounds of sorts. Yep, I must confess that I used to be a lobbyist here. (Even I cringe a bit at that thought now.) I was never paid to do it. At the time, though, I was a public school teacher in a state that was 48th in the country in spending on public education. (Eek!) My efforts to change that weren't very successful but it was worth the try.

But that's not the mystery location. This is:
Hmm. Not a lot to go on there. How about this one?
Yes, those are my kids and they are loaded down with rocks. Hey, I didn't do it to them! They very excitedly picked them up themselves. You see, they are rockhounds and the prettier the better.

And here's what the back of my van looked like after we left the forest:
Actually, that was taken when we stopped again in town so some of the dirt fell off on the way. LOL!

This time, I'd like the name of the national forest we were visiting and the site in Arizona where you can find double terminated quartz crystals. Hmm. You want more clues? Well, both the Salt and the Verde rivers run through this 3 million acre forest. Oh, and another name for double terminated quartz crystals is Herkimer Diamonds but the point of those is that they are found in Herkimer which is not in Arizona.

That's it. E-mail me your guesses at ijr41ug @ (please, take out the spaces). The first one to guess correctly gets their choice of a free file and the rest of the guesses will go into a random drawing for another free file.

Good Luck and Happy Creative Time!

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