Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whooshing Week-end

I don't know about your week-end but ours flew by so fast we could feel it move our hair and heard the loudest whooshing sound. LOL!

First, my husband's promotion is finally official. We've known it was coming since last August but we've now met the final requirement--the effective date. Just got to love the military and their hurry up and wait lifestyle. LOL!

Now, I just have to adjust my entire mindset when I call him--kind of like getting used to writing the new year on all your checks. You see, most of his co-workers aren't familiar with his first name and when I call out there, I never know who's going to answer the phone so I always have to use his rank and his last name, i.e. Major Russell--except now it's Lieutenant Colonel Russell. Fortunately, that can be shortened to Colonel so it won't be such a mouthful. I'm sure I'll mess up a bunch though. LOL!

It was also our youngest's birthday this past week-end. That was a lot of fun too. She is one happy little girl right now. She got what she's been begging for for months--a real violin and lessons too. I'm seriously impressed with how well she's playing.

I must confess, when she first asked for a violin I envisioned listening to screeching noises as she practiced. It hasn't been bad at all. LOL! It actually sounds like music and she is so very excited about it too. I hope she has the fire in her heart to stick with it. I'm sure she'll do well if she does.

We're also one step closer to a completely new fence and that makes me very happy. Our fence was very old and parts of it were rotted out completely. Well. for Mother's Day, I got the most important side replaced. This past week-end, we replaced one gate and it's connecting posts and section. It looks beautiful! Now, there's only one more front section and gate and I'll be content. Home improvements just never end but getting them done is very gratifying.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!

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Sue aka barracudasue said...

Congrats to your hubby on his promotion! WOOOHOOO!!!!

Also, congrats on your daughter's violin lessons and I, too, hope she keeps it up. It can be a very lovely sound! Glad she enjoys it and was excited with her birthday gift!!!!!!