Thursday, June 24, 2010

Say What?

I've been a busy little camper this week. Or, I should say, I've been busy so I can go camping. It's actually kind of funny. We're going camping with the Webelos, Bears and Boy Scouts; yet, the scout in the family doesn't want to go (and neither does the mama, if the truth be told. LOL!).

Hey! We do live in Florida where the daytime highs average about 94 degrees F. So to go camping where there just might not be any place to plug in a fan . . . well, if I had a vote in this one, I'd vote "No." LOL! Since the hubby is the leader and the one who organized everything, I don't get a vote this time. Come to think of it; I won't get a vote next time either. Just what was my husband thinking when he scheduled not one but two camp-outs in the middle of summer? LOL!

Think of me while you're enjoying your nice, cool creative spaces this week-end!

Speaking of this week-end, I'd tell you about the free file but then you'd really think I'd lost what's left of my mind. LOL!

Happy Creative Time!

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