Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

I can't believe it's Friday. That means it's time to celebrate! Woo Hoo!!!

Before I start the party, I'd like to give you a sneak peek at what I've been working on this week. It's not quite done yet. I still have to tweak an element that isn't shown in the picture but take a look anyway:
What do you think?

Yes, those lines are made by embroidering on the paper but you can draw the lines in with a ruler and marker too. I like that you can change the entire look of the design just by adjusting where you start stitching or drawing. Here, take a look at these two:

They are the exact same file. I cut it twice and started stitching in two different spots. What makes it even better is that it just looks complicated! The stitching is so easy; after the first stitch, you just move over one hole at a time.

And that brings us to this week's free file, the Embroidered Square shown above with the full cutting and stitching instructions included. Even though it is offered freely here, it is still governed by my Terms of Use. Thanks for sending your friends here to download the file for themselves.

The password is iagreetotou (no spaces, no capitals and no punctuation) and your links are here:

Sorry, these links have expired. Please look for this and other cool files in the
I Scrap Designs
store at Paperthreads.

If you have any questions or issues in downloading the file please e-mail me at ijr41ug @ (take out the spaces, please) and I'll gladly help you.

Happy Creative Time!


Esther W-B said...

This is fabulous! I've always wanted to try this technique. Thanks so much Ileana.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a lovely file, this will be a great technique to try.


Kelly S said...

Ooohh, something new to try. Thanks, Ileana!

Carol's Crafts said...

Wonderful file. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Sue aka barracudasue said...

HOW UNIQUE, Ileana!!!!!!!! Thank you SO very much for trying something different and then sharing with us! I adore the baby buggy design, too!!!! Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!

Caroline said...

I remember my Mother doing Stirng and Nail Art when I was younger. Looking at your files made me remember some of the magnificent designs she created. Thank you

Scrapparen said...

I agree with Sue aka barracudasue thank you for new ideas!!! =)

Anna said...

This is just awesome!!! Thank you so very much!!!

Rebecca said...

Very cool! Thanks Ileana!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ileana!!! You're SO right!!! It does remind me of them...GORGEOUS creation btw!!!!!!

Lisa Avolio said...

I haven't played with one of these in years. We used to wind crochet thread around small brads/nails. I only did one with a needle and thread on posterboard once because it was so hard to pierce the paper. This will make it fun again. Thanks!

Carol said...

I've done a few of these. It's a lot of fun. Good to see designs for our cutters. Thanks for the freebie.


2KutiesGrandma said...

Thanks so much for the freebie. I look forward to trying something new and seeing your new files in the store.

PapaSue said...

Ingenius implementation and such a beautiful design.



Elizabeth said...

WOW Ileana, that is gorgeous. Thanks for the freebie.

jordiegirl said...

These are gorgeous.

I remember those thread pictures from the 70s and also Spirograph. I used to love my Spirograph, I gave to my sister's 2 eldest children, then last year she gave it back to me, the box is a little battered but all the wheels are there.

Oh, such memories, takes me back to my youth.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE string Art, thanks for showing these to us, the carriages are darling, I would have never considered doing string art itn them but it is super cute. Thanks