Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The EB

The Easter Bunny has come to our home a bit early this year. See:

Yes, I caved. Ilaria, our daughter has begged and begged for a pet bunny for years. She has promised she will take care of it and keep her room clean too. So far, it has worked. She hasn't balked once at cleaning up after the bunny nor herself. Maybe, I should have caved a lot sooner. LOL!

The bunny is a Lionhead Rabbit and, when it gets older, it's supposed to have a mane like a lion. It's still to young to tell its gender too. So, we alternate between calling it an it, a she and a he.

The kids haven't completely decided on a name yet. Ilaria wants to call it Spot. I reminded her that if it's a girl, then "Spot" might not be feminine enough for her--my daughter. Bryce wanted to name it as Caz suggested, "Blaze" in case it is a boy. We're also seriously considering "Dabra" which is Maltese for "Spot." (I have a couple of friends from Malta.) I'm not quite sure how "Dabra" is pronounced but since it is a rabbit and since "Dabra" is close to "abracadabra," we might be on to something.

Of course, the kids have also suggested "Vanilla Bean" (we were expecting a white rabbit but when the kids saw the pink eyes, they were too creepy for them and chose the charcoal one), Moon Beam (from my son who's into Rock but doesn't know who Moon Unit or Frank Zappa are. LOL!), Midnight and Thumper.

With the way things change around here, we might have a name by Easter or maybe next week.

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Caroline said...

This could be a long process to find a name then LOL good luck!

debenj said...

So CUTE!!! Our kids had bunnies when they were younger. It's a good experience for them with taking care of the little fur balls. I like the name Dabra... It sounds close to being Deborah...LOL

Best wishes with your new little family member. :)

jzayler said...

He's adorable! We had a rabbit when I was growing up (many, many Easter's ago) It was fun. I've see the Lion one's at the fairs - they are so cute. Enjoy! p.s. I always liked 'Thumber'

Anna said...

So very cute!!!

Elizabeth said...

Your new rabbit is sooooo cute, I want one. BUT it will never happen, I barely have time for my
Good luck in choosing a name.