Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, the Things I've Learned Today

I have learned quite a lot in one day. It's amazing.

Did you know bougainvillea is poisonous? I do now. LOL! Fortunately, I learned this fact via the internet and not from firsthand experience. It's my husband who learned this up close and personal.

You see, we have this HUGE bougainvillea in our backyard and it's definitely a love-hate relationship. We love the looks of it when it is in bloom but hate almost everything else about it. The plant is supposed to grow on a fence or a trellis. Well, this one has by far surpassed that. It's halfway up our Oak tree and it's wide enough to completely hide a shed. I'm not kidding! It's also very well armed with thorns that are about 2"--yes, TWO INCHES--long. The dog has stepped on them. The kids have both been poked by them. The thorns go through your shoe if you aren't careful. These things are seriously wicked. Last year, my husband yanked down one vine and twisted it into a crown. It made my kids think twice about what Jesus must have endured!

Anyway, because of the hard freeze we had here a couple of weeks ago, most of the bougainvillea vines are now brown and looking pretty dead. We can only hope the rest of the plant is too. LOL! Well, Bryan has started to yank them down and cut them up and his hands are showing it. Even if the plant is dead, it's still fighting back! The thorns are bad enough but they are also coated in a substance much like poison ivy!!! Eeew!!!

I've also learned it's very hard to explain the difference between "house" and "home." At what point does a "house" become a "home?" And why is it we can refer to an "apartment" or even a "hotel room" (if you have lived in one long enough like we have!) as a "home" even though they aren't "houses?"

I've also learned it's even more difficult to explain the difference between "so" and "because." Just what does "so" mean anyway? Think about it. We use that word about 100 times a day. Yet, it really means nothing at all or "in order to." So, do you know how to explain it? LOL!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Caroline said...

me thinks you think too much LOL Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Oh gosh, you have a knack for asking the hard questions.. I think I will stick to my physics homework.

Michelle Hessler said... guys must really be contemplating the hard stuff there! Hope the homeschooling is going well for you!

Lisa Avolio said...

In ESOL class, when all else fails, I use the dictionary. ;)
So, is this an ESOL concern or a home schooling one?!

Ileana said...

It was ESL class. Homeschooling is much easier.