Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Dogs & Lots More

Did you know it is an international holiday today? It is. It's "International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day" today. So, did you give your dog a biscuit today?

I must confess, I did not. After all, Miffy wouldn't eat it if I did. Not only is she very picky about her snacks but she's also got a very sensitive digestive system. Every week or so, I have to cook her own special gravy for her dog food just so she won't get sick. Hey, I admit it; she's got me well-trained. LOL!

Besides cooking the dog's gravy, I've been very busy with new files too. I think you'll like them but none of them are ready to show off yet. There are a few frilly ones in the works and some stars, some hearts and a couple of long cards too.

Now if only I could squeeze some more time into my days to get them all done. Anybody find the magic solution to that one yet? Seriously, let me in on your secret!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Sue aka barracudasue said...

As always, I'm looking forward to seeing you new designs! You're such a tease! LOL

jzayler said...

If anyone gives you the secret to squeezing more hours out of a day please share it. I could sure use a few more Saturdays each week!!!

Elizabeth said...

LOL, I did indeed give my doggies a treat. Can't wait to see your new files.