Friday, January 8, 2010

So Sad

I try very hard to be good. Yet, today, I just can't help it. So, I apologize in advance but I feel the need to vent this morning.

I am deeply saddened and even a bit angry. Today, as I was walking our dog at O-dark-thirty in the cold, I was thinking about all the homeless people and all the poor who do not have the warmth that we take for granted.

Right now, a great portion of the world is experiencing very cold weather. They're even talking about the possibility of it snowing here in Florida this week-end. Can you imagine what you would do if you didn't have your home? What about if you couldn't afford to heat it?

About two seconds after I started thinking about this, I happened upon one of my neighbors' trash. Among the trash cans was a box of stuff. Since it was dark, I can't tell you what all was in that box but sitting right on top was a neatly folded blanket.

That blanket is now in my washing machine. Yes, I picked it out of the trash! It wasn't in brand-new condition but there were no holes nor any stains. Nothing was wrong with it. When it is finished being washed and dried, I will take it to the homeless center.

Then, I just read a news story about two large retail stores that are destroying clothing they have been unable to sell and then throwing it in the trash.

How so very sad!

Please, please, please, if you are considering throwing out an old blanket, or jacket, even an old hat or gloves, please don't throw them away! Please find a way to donate them to someone who could use them. I assure you, even if you think it's out of style, ugly or yes, even stained, there is someone out there who would appreciate it. Local food pantries, your church or synagogue, and Salvation Army will gladly accept those items and get them to the less fortunate.

Can you think of a better way to de-clutter your home? I can't.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. We always take our old clothes if not destroyed to SA or Goodwill. This just gets to me about so much waste. Paper too.

You'll love this one, When I was in collage and working at KFC we had a homeless man we fed all the time. The company wanted us to take it home or put bleach on it then toss in the dumpster. But our manager and us, use to make up a bag(s) of good food/meals and give it to the homeless man. We told him we'd leave it out for him, if we missed him. He didn't want any thing else just food. Not sure what happened to him but it made us feel good to help.

So please everyone don't toss it if someone can use it.

Thanks, Games

Anonymous said...

I agee with you whole heartedly too. I know that we are experiencing minus degree weather here in Colorado, and I always pray that those who are less fortunate have found shelter and warmth during the bitter cold night. We always give our stuff to SA and GW too, or sometimes our church will take them. So much waste in our world.
jlwclanfam (Jan W.)

Deb C said...

I agree if it still has use recycle it to someone who could use it - we have a website here that is called freecycle where people post stuff they no long need and people pick up and use it and they also post what they are looking for. In this city there are at least two care closets where people can pick up clothing for free. Which gives them choice as to what they were as well. - Helps with human spirit lifts. But I too hate to see anything of value go to the landfill before it is actually too far gone. It is part of the 3 R's - Reduce, ReUse, ReCycle. and Good for you in the blanket rescue you deserve a pat on the back and someone will love the gift of warm.

Deb C

Elizabeth said...

WOW that just blows my mind. There are some things I will not donate or give away but everything else I do, if it is something I cannot use i ask if someone wants it or I take it to a place I know there would be some good use out of it. Which comes to mind, is I have a bunch of wood blocks from my stamps, I am planning on taking them to a local school for the disabled to see if they want them first, if not then I will ask around, but I would rather see them go to good use first.

Caroline said...

We also donate when ever we can, thankful that we CAN!

When I was with my ex, he worked at the Casino as a Chef. The amount of food they threw out was criminal, but he wasnt allowed to take any home and they couldn't donate it even though it would've fed quite a few. Apparently, they were worried about being sued if someone ate the leftovers and got sick. This is the World we live in, stuff thrown away because potential donators are worried about being sued by the recipients. So sad!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I also think about all the homeless people on these freezing nights. I ask God to give them a warm place to sleep. I remember telling my sister one summer day Thank God for air conditioning and then she said and water. Well that hit me yes I thanked him for heat but having warm and cold running water never entered my mind. I take all my things to Catholic charity or good will. I thank you for taking that blanket out to give someone. God Bless you Suzanne

Pam said...

I've been trying to give my clothes, etc. to some place other than Goodwill. Goodwill sells this stuff so people in real need cannot afford to purchase it. I like giving it to someplace like Lupus (I don't think they sell stuff) or others that call. I seem to get calls about once a week. Thanks for collecting the blanket and giving it to someone who needs it. Pam

Ileana said...

I agree with you! I've been in the back at their main sorting warehouse. It was an eye-opening experience!

Anna said...

You are so right. And it is so sad to think of anyone out in this cold. Thank you for the file.

Sue aka barracudasue said...

I SO agree with you and I donate everything I can to either a friend or someone who knows someone who needs anything I no longer want. It's AMAZING how people just trash things and don't even think about giving it to someone else. I'd rather give things away than give it to SA or Goodwill because whoever has to PAY for it. Churches, organizations or just someone I hear about gets my stuff!

Trish said...

you know I'm thinking out loud, but considering how the breast cancer awareness thing went over like crazy on Facebook, why not throw out a challenge to our friends (for those on facebook or twitter) to donate to the shelters - especially with the freezing temps. I'm going to post on my FB page tonight and see if it can start something :) My son's scout troop is gearing up for Scouting for Food next month ...the pantries are very low too.

pamala said...

We donate all things we can no longer use to church or Goodwill on a regular basis. Thank you for reminding us all that it is the easiest way in the world to help someone.