Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life's Still Grand

I haven't fallen off the planet. Really, I haven't. I'm still here. Life's still grand--even if the world is spinning a bit fast right now. LOL!

I've been busy with my son's home-schooling stuff. Since we're quickly approaching the end of our first quarter, I wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row so there are no snags when it comes to report card time.

Then there's always the taxi-driving the kids here and there and Brownies (Hey, do you want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?--Just kidding!) and guitar lessons and parent's day at my daughter's school and my ESL class and on and on.

And, most importantly, the weekly free file. It's another cool one, if I do say so myself. It will make a quick and easy Valentine card or page and can be used in more that one way. I think you'll like it so make sure you stop by tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Creative Time!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Slow down and breathe :) I would love to buy GS cookies but I can't right now plus I am glad to have that over with here.