Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa's Gifts

We had a lovely Christmas. Thank you very much for all your well wishes and lovely comments. They made Christmas even brighter!

I know, without a doubt, that my son is one happy camper. He's been wanting an electric guitar for a very long time. Well, against my better judgement, Santa said the boy has potential and made sure he got one for Christmas. Now, we've got to find guitar lessons quickly so that the noise coming from the other room will be converted to music. LOL!

Now, my daughter wants a violin. I have no idea where that one is coming from since we don't know anybody who plays one. Fortunately, her birthday is not for another six months so we have time to see if this is something for which she really has the fire in her heart. That's a prerequisite for us. You see, we want to make sure she won't just give up on the idea faster than the newest fad can come and go.

I hope Santa was good to all of you. So, tell me, what surprises did you find under the tree?

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Caroline said...

We got the bestest Christmas present ever. You see, we live in a drought stricken area of New South Wales, Australia, and we got RAIN!! our tank filled and the ground is wet, and the rivers are receiving much needed water. SO wonderful, I couldn't have wished for a better present!

Renae said...

Too bad you don't live in NE. I know of an excellent place to find lessons there. As far as your daughter goes, how old is she? I played the violin thru HS? She may be a little young. I believe I started in the public schools in third grade. You will need to find a half size violin and possible purchase an additional thing that temporarily steps it down even more. This is what I had, even in third grade. Too bad I have recently sold mine and my husband's instruments.

Elizabeth said...

So good to hear you all had a great Christmas :) Mine has been fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your Chistmas went well.
My surpirises were a new camera and a heating tool for embossing and embossing powder and lot of other stuff for my card making.

Anonymous said...

the best surprise I got was my new fuzzy lined Crocs!! And they are closed toe so I can still walk in the snow. But the best part of Christmas was being with family and watching my beautiful grandkids open their gifts.
jlwclanfam (Jan W)