Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am so very proud to announce that I have been successful in finishing that troublesome file I've been working on! Woo Hoo!

Here's a picture of what I was trying to get to work:

I must have test cut it a dozen times. The tree-like shapes on each "spoke" of the snowflake were just giving me fits no matter what I tried unless I cut it at a huge size. How many HUGE snowflakes have you ever seen? LOL! Anyway, here's what the final version looks like:
And here's another option for it with peek-a-boo openings:

And yet another option:

I'm finally proud of the file and it'll be on it's way to the store soon. There are a few lucky people who have received it for free. How did they do that? Well, they participated in the KNK Winter Swap over at If you have the software to create a KNK file, you really should try out a swap or two. You get to learn your software, have fun making something you know you will use, and you'll get free files in return. I promise; it will be well worth it!

Until next time, Happy Creative Time!


Renae said...

Absolutely beautiful! Good job!

debenj said...

Fantastic job on this flake :)

Sue aka barracudasue said...

Oh Ileana this snowflake is absolutely fantastic! You should be very proud of yourself. It's amazing. So WHEN did you say it's going to be in the Store? :)

Carol said...

Wow!! What a great snowflake.


Kelly S said...

Beautiful file, Ileana! Definitely worth the time and effort you put in.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutly amazing! I don't even live where it snows but I can't wait to buy this file!

Elizabeth said...

WOW, am i ever glad i joined the swap, that snowflake is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful snowflake! I can see why it might give you fits. Congrats on homeschooling you son as well. We are considering that as well, are you using a specific program?

Anonymous said...

Adorable Ileana!